Welcome to Remap Science.

We specialize in ECU remapping and chip tuning for almost any vehicle on the market and offer quality tuning at
very competive prices.

What we offer is the very best remaps that are available, all of our tuning is tested on our 4WD rolling road, only
professional tuning companies have a 4WD rolling road so be very weary indeed of any tuning company that does
not have one, we work with some of the best tuners in the world and we are always up to date with the many
different tuning styles and techniques that enables us to do the tuning for all the different makes and models of
vehicles on the market today, it is a very hard thing to keep up to and takes pure commitment.

We have extensive knowledge in ECU remapping and chip tuning and the most important thing to us is to make
sure that the tuning we do is always done to safe limits, we won't sacrifice your engine just to try and squeeze a bit
more power out of it, we don't put unrealistic unsafe power figures on our website with the aim of trying to impress
you, we only ever keep it safe.

We care about our customers vehicles and what we promise is that we will give you the most power we can give
you on the day of your ECU remap and without putting any unnecessary strain on your engine, all of our tuning is
kept well within the safe parameters of your engine and you can be sure that your vehicle won't suddenly be
breaking down after it has been remapped by us.

At Remap Science we only use the very latest and highest quality equipment and software to do the ECU
remapping and this costs many thousands of pounds because without all of this expensive equipment and tuning
software we would not be able to offer the high quality tuning that we install in our customers vehicles, so you can be
well assured that your vehicle is in very safe hands with us.

We have a state of the art rolling road dynamometer capable of testing 2Wd & 4WD vehicles right up to 2000 BHP,
this equipment is a very necessary piece of equipment as it enables us to check that a certain type of tuning is
correct for a certain type of vehicle, it lets us see any imperfections in the tuning software and monitors the vehicles
emissions all the way throughout the rev range making sure that the vehicle is not going to be running too lean or too
rich, in short it helps us to perfect the tuning that we do for your vehicle.

We will create a custom ECU remap just for your vehicle, using the original tuning software from your vehicle, we
won't put a generic tuning file in your vehicle like a lot of tuning companies do.

Every vehicle we do is custom tuned specifically for your needs using the original software in your vehicle, whether
you require a performance remap, economy remap or if you just require more bottom end torque to help with towing
caravans, we can help you get what you want from the remap, please note that it is important to use the original
software from your vehicle as it may have had critical updates when getting serviced at the dealers, if a generic file
is used you will lose these updates, some tuning companies don't care about this as it is quicker for them to just
stick a tuned file straight into your vehicle because they don't want to spend the time it takes to custom tune each
one. We always tune each individual vehicle, this also allows us to fine tune it by removing flat spots and turbo lag,
something our competitors fail to do.

Most vehicles from the year 2000 and onwards can have the ECU remapped through the OBD diagnostic port on
the vehicle, this is the most simple procedure and involves connecting our programming equipment to the OBD
diagnostic port on your vehicle and reading out your original tuning software, we then fine tune the software for your
vehicle and upload the very much improved tuning software back into your ECU.

We also do chip tuning for vehicles that are older than the year 2000, this usually involves removing the ECU so that
we can use various methods to gain access to the tuning software for your car, this can involve connecting wires to
the ECU or even removing chips inside of the ECU, this is why it is called chip tuning even though it's the same way
of tuning as OBD tuning it's just a different way of communicating with the ECU.

Please remember that any tuning company who are in fact any good at what they do will have had to invest many
thousands of pounds in the latest programming equipment, rolling roads, tuning software and premises.

Hobbyist type tuners should be avoided at all costs, these people usually don't know what they are loading into your
vehicle and can cause big problems for you later on.

Please do yourself a favour and make sure that any tuning company that you are thinking of using to remap your
vehicle have the proper professional programming equipment such as CMD Flash, Byteshooter, Optican, Genius,
Kess, and that they have premises that you can visit and that they have a rolling road, if they are not using at least 1
of these programming tools mentioned and have no premises with a rolling road then they are definitely amateurs
and need to be avoided at all costs, we use 6 different programmers to do our tuning and they are, CMD,
Byteshooter, Kess, Powergate, BDM and Batronix, these tools cost many thousands of pounds and our rolling road
dynamometer alone cost 70,000 so this should tell you just how professional and serious we are about the tuning
that we do.

We provide an excellent service and we are extremely committed to customer satisfaction, all of our customers are
always very happy with the level of service and tuning that they receive from us and this is very important to us as we
rely on the recommendations that you the customer provide to your family and friends about us.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have regarding the ECU remapping or chip tuning,
we are a friendly firm and it really is no bother to ring us with whatever query you may have.

We also provide mobile remapping services, we can send out a technician to do a quality remap on your vehicle to
just about anywhere in the UK.

We cover the following vehicles and more.

We cover the following areas and more
Accrington, Barnsley, Barrow, Barrow in Furness, Batley, Bingley, Birmingham, Bishop Auckland, Bolton, Blackburn, Blackpool, Bradford, Brighouse, Burnley, Bury,
Carlisle, Castleford, Chester, Chesterfield, Clitheroe, Colne, Cumbria, Darlington, Derbyshire, Dewsbury, Doncaster, Durham, Garforth, Gateshead, Grantham,
Guisbrough, Halifax, Harrogate, Hartlepool, Hebden Bridge, Hetton, Hornsea, Huddersfield, Hull, Ilkley, Keighley, Kendal, Lancashire, Lancaster, Leeds, Leicester,
Lincoln, Liverpool, Macclesfield, Manchester, Mansfield, Middlesbrough, Morecombe, Newcastle, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northallerton, North East, North Wales,
North West, North Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, Oldham, Otley, Padiham, Penrith, Peterlee, Pontefract, Preston, Queensbury, Ripon, Rochdale, Rotherham, Rothwell,
Scarborough, Scunthorpe, Settle, Sheffield, Shipley, Skegness, Skipton, South Shields, South Yorkshire, Sowerby Bridge, Stockport, Stoke on Trent, Sunderland,
Sutton Coldfield, Tadcaster, Thirsk, Todmorden, Wakefield, Wales, Warrington, Washington, West Yorkshire, Wetherby, Windermere, Worksop, Wrexham, York.
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