We have a state of the art Rolling Road Dynamometer that is capable of tuning 2 and 4 wheel drive vehicles upto
2000 BHP.

All of our tuning that we provide is tested on our rolling road for smoothness and power delivery.

We can offer you a custom tuning session on our rolling road dyno, what this will consist of is a diagnostic test to
make sure your vehicle is displaying no faults, we will then run the vehicle on our rolling road to see what BHP it is
currently producing, after this we will take a read of your original tuning software from the ECU and then we will
retune it and upload the modified software back into your ECU, we will then do another power run on our rolling road
to see what the improvements in the BHP and the power curve are, if for any reason we are not fully happy with the
end results we will do some fine tuning and do as many power runs as it takes until we are happy with it.

A printout of the before and after results will be given to you and then you can take the vehicle on a test drive so you
can feel the difference for yourself.

Below is a picture of a ferrari on our rolling road dyno at our premises in Bradford, West Yorkshire.
Highest quality remapping.
Full satisfaction guaranteed.
Our software has a lifetime warranty.
Leave it to the professionals.